Ekkamai Power Center

Ekkamai Power Center: this 12,692-square-meter center has been developed as a three-storey power complex. It houses a variety of principal anchor tenants while its unique conceptual design has been well-tailored to take advantage of opportunities created by competition with focus on being customer oriented. The building has a common space and it is also linked to the adjacent open areas.

Power Center’s Concept is to be a distinct super community center. It houses a variety of big-box anchor tenants such as category killers, discount department stores, and warehouse clubs. The center’s retail power is generated by these anchors with small tenants being incidental. Power center’s trading area is also far bigger than typical super community centers, and it sells a wider range of comparison goods thus appealing to customers of all income levels.

Big C Supercenter developed a new concept in retail business under the “super center” theme which means the store’s main products are both food and non-food items. It is simply a combination of a discount store and a food outlet providing the utmost customer satisfaction and quality products at very low prices everyday.




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